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The Reptiles of Glenfield enjoy Food Day

Greens grown in Glenfield Gardens!



Glenfield Farm to Table Celebration

Amazing Glenfield Mom and Food Activist Claudia Sherwood organized a fantastic lunch for several classes on Tuesday to celebrate Farm to School Month.  The great folks from Simply Grazin’ showed up and spoiled us with incredibly tasty beef  sliders and salad and Mark, the farmer, discussed the importance of ethical farming and ranching.  Side note: this DIGS coordinator (me, Sarah) has not eaten red meat in many,  many years.  I ate two sliders and was sold. If I do become a carnivore again, I will get my meat from these wonderful people. It is so good.

Here are some photos and Claudia’s lovely thoughts on organizing this event:

photo 2


Claudia writes:

One of my passions was fulfilled today, when I coaxed a farmer and his wife from a local farm in Skillman, NJ to visit my daughter’s school Glenfield Middle School in Montclair.

With the enthusiasm of the principal Dr. Joseph Putrino, we hosted a talk by farmer Mark Faille from Simply Grazin’ a local pasture grazing farm.  The kids learned that rotation farming is good for the animals; by animals eating what they are supposed to eat, and then move on, giving the greens the chance to grow back and complete the natural circle of growing and eating.

DIGS:food day

Lynne Faille, Mark’s wife and her chef, served slider burgers with cheese sauce and salads based on the school garden, a part of the Montclair DIGS program. The kids ate plenty of salad and noted the taste of the natural burgers was wonderful.

The kids learned that sometimes our chickens are outsourced in China and brought back here; not a very local concept.  Perhaps our country is reminiscing on times when many relied on local farms and sources for their food and got it fresh, and also the knowledge that where our food comes from will be important in our children’s futures.

simly grazin

Claudia Sherwood, Montclair DIGS Mom

Glenfield Part 1

We had a wee bit of a set back at Glenfield when our raised beds went missing during a construction project over the summer, so we scrambled and added on to our very flexible milk crate garden.

We planted a fall crop of spinach and lettuces for the cooking class and the REPTILES in Ms. Maloy’s class. We did several crates of mini greens for the reptiles that started to come up in less than a week!  Creatures human and reptile will get their healthy greens this fall!

IMG_5377greens for reptiles