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Garden Pests

If you contend with Brown Marmorated Stinkbugs in your garden you might be thankful to learn that there are some natural predators for this unwelcome garden invader.





Nishuane’s Winter Garden

The school gardeners at Nishuane have constructed low-tunnel hoops out of conduit to make a small winter garden filled with cool weather vegetables that were started from seed earlier in the fall.

These hoops, with a double layer of floating row cover and greenhouse plastic, will keep the temperatures inside the hoops above freezing all winter long.  Then in early spring the plants will have a big head start and begin to grow again.

.Nishuane winter hoop 1 Nishuane winter hoop 2

The students will be able to harvest greens much earlier in the season.

These can be removed when the weather warms up and the materials can be stored and reused next year.

Garden Hoops for Winter Crops

What are low tunnel hoops? Think of them as portable  mini-greenhouses. They allow you to keep your cold-weather crops (e.g. won’t work with tomatoes in this climate) through the winter.  In early spring you will have a nice jump start on things you planted now.

cropped hoop renaissance (2)

You will need to purchase 1/2 inch galvanized conduit which comes in standard 10 foot lengths (1 per hoop). It’s available at the local hardware store. The finished hoop is 4 feet wide.  They will be spaced about every 3 feet over your existing beds so you may only need to make 3 or 4.   I have the pipe bender shown in the video.

Additional supplies – floating row cover (Agribon) and greenhouse plastic, plus clips to attach them to the hoops. If enough people want to try this, maybe we can make a  group purchase.

I will be making hoops with the Nishuane gardeners this week. If anyone else wants to make some, please let me know.