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Great things going on at Northeast!

Keira wirh Ms. Alday planting collard greens.
Mrs. Alday planting with Beck & Keira.
Hi All,
Please check out the amazing work our DIGS liaison Danelle Givner and  the Teachers are doing at Northeast. Inspiring!
Danelle reports:
Last week was very busy at the Northeast garden! Ms. Maliszewski’s second grade planted little broccoli plants.  After each student planted an individual plant, they helped turn the garden soil by using garden tools and their hands. This helped to distribute vitamins around the soil. While digging, a few children found something that resembled a dinosaur tooth!
Ms. Alday’s and Ms. Villalobos classes enjoyed planting and learning about cool weather crops. This group of children really had fun standing in the garden and planting. They learned to gently pull apart the ‘stringy roots’ and to dig a hole as deep as the soil of their little plant. Some children planted collard greens while others enjoyed planting bok choy. They were  awesome and were fully engaged with the help of their teachers.  A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to these 2 classes for being responsible for watering the entire Northeast garden this Fall.
Coming up: kindergarten will plant cool weather veggies in milk crates this week!
Fifth grade measuring garden to plant arugula.
Grade 5 measuring before planting arugula
Thank you First grade for planting pansies at  the entrance of our school. They are so colorful and bring smiles to our faces each morning.
pansey plantings

The Power of Classroom Gardening

Here are some links to  segments of the PBS show “Growing a Greener World”

Featuring a school with a rooftop greenhouse in NYC:

The famous Edible Schoolyard started by Alice Waters:

Fall Wildlife and Gardening at Northeast!!

northeastnortheast 2

Northeast Elementary School is busy planting some cool weather crops this week. Fifth grade has planted a ‘salad bowl garden’ consisting of various lettuces. A few students decided to create a amazing bird nest and added a sign that reads “Bird nest- we used to be dried weeds!” It was amazing to see the collaboration and teamwork.