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Garden Educator Groups

Hi School Gardeners,

Here are two resources for garden educators which you may be interested in joining.

New York State Garden Educator Network:

1. Send an email message to
2. In the Subject of your message, type the single word: join.  Leave the body of the message blank.



1. Go to and join for free.

2. Sign up for the Growing School Gardens Community




Gardening in Middle School

SeedFolksfront cover SeedFolksback cover


This is a great book! I am going to read it with some middle school students in the gardening group.


Spring Planting

radish peas lettuce

It’s time to do some spring planting! Some cool weather crops that can be sown directly into the ground any time in the next few weeks are: Lettuce, Radishes, Spinach, Peas,  and Kale.
At Bradford the second grades are reading “First Peas to the Table” by Susan Grigsby and we will hopefully be outdoors next week doing the seed planting. They are also using the indoor pea set up I showed earlier to keep journals of pea development.
Lettuce will go into our Woolly Pocket planters and the rest will go into our raised beds.
To use these plants in a science lesson students can gather data on growth rates and weather and then graph the data to lean about variation among individuals of a species, as well as develop their investigatory science and graphing skills (from the Woolly School Garden Curriculum).
Want flowers? Sweet Peas are a scented, ornamental variety of peas that also prefer cool weather. Plant them now and enjoy their fragrant blooms in the upcoming months.