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Indoor gardening idea

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These are pea shoots emerging from a simple set up I made.  I took a recycled clear plastic lettuce box, poked 4 small drainage holes in the bottom, and filled it with a mix of damp potting soil/germinating mix. I planted sugar snap peas and used the cover from the packaging to make a mini-greenhouse.  Keep it on a window sill  or grow lab and make sure the soil stays moist, and after about a week the pea plants will emerge.  When they reach the height of the container you need to remove the cover so they can grow. Now you can use the cover as a tray for the bottom to catch any drips.

You’re not waiting for pea pods with this set up- the “shoots” are your crop.  Have you tasted pea shoots? They are delicious.  Once the plants have established themselves, the kids can take scissors and snip off some of the greens for a crunchy, tasty, healthy, mid-winter treat.

This can also be a math/science/LA lesson. ( I planted my seeds in an array of 12)  What percent of the seeds germinated? Stick a ruler next to a plant and chart  growth rate – what were the mean, median, and mode? what happens if we change a variable?  Write about the process, draw illustrations of the developing plant, how about a poem or story from the perspective of the pea? There are many many directions you can take with something like this, but it is simple, and something you can do indoors before  pea planting season begins in the outdoor garden. You can even plant successive crops so the harvest can be extended.



Seed Starting Calculator!


Hey Gardeners,

In anticipation of spring (I saw a crocus trying to pop up in my garden today!),  I wanted to share a link to a great seed starting calculator:

And remember,  DIGS is sponsoring a seed starting workshop at Van Vleck on March 22nd from 3-5. RSVP to Sarah & Sabina by March 1st!,



The History of Schoolyard Gardens



Click for an amazing video of the history of school gardens in the US.